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We Can Make Your Immigration Dream Come True

Hey, all the dreamers out there! all those people who want to immigrate outside the country to the western world like Canada and Australia for further education or doing some highly paid jobs as skill worker , we are here to help you to get your permanent resident visa to any of the countries you are planning. 

We can make your immigration dream come true

Best consultants for permanent visas to Canada or Australia

We are not claiming the tag for the best consultants ourselves but due to the fact that our services has phenomenally result oriented , fully satisfying for our clients who wanted to have a PR visa or a student visa, we have been helping lot of aspirants in that direction. Our clients have been successfully immigrating and most have been finding  our consultation beneficial and helping in fulfilling their dreams in the foreign lands without any problems.

Australian immigration permanent resident visa on easy terms

We are a team of experienced and dedicated consultants, based in Panchkula, who are helping a whole lot of people through our legal process and dedicated service to get the Australian immigration permanent resident visa on easy terms. We guide our clients in the most appropriate manner so that they do not face any bad consequences in future. We go through a legal process with all the legal documents and verification formalities.

Australia being one of the modern educational hub welcomes a large number of immigrants with a large number of opportunities waiting for them to have some good quality education plus highly paid jobs and opportunities of settling their on permanent basis and in that case we are here to guide you have a permanent resident visa to Australia.

Our service

At Global Links Consultancy, you can be sure of the results you are seeking with the satisfaction of timely service and legal procedure. We are here to help our clients to get their permanent visa to foreign lands in the most genuine way so that they can have the freedom to explore themselves and their passion and do something big for themselves and their families.

We can help you to have your PR card for the canada immigration for showing your status as Canadian resident and that will help to make your stay easy and convenient and you will be able to move freely throughout the country. There are various methods and categories for applying your visas and getting them on permanent basis and we are here to guide you with all those categories and methods under which you will have the easiest method of obtaining your pr or your visa to Canada, Australia or any other foreign land.

Countries like Canada and Australia are supporting their economy by welcoming immigrants each year and that is an equal opportunity for both sides for the immigrants and for the foreign land which is welcoming them. So, getting an immigration permanent visa is not a tough task if you are aware of the right process. We at GLOBAL LINKS CONSULTANCY welcomes all those who are interested in getting an immigrant visa with all our useful and happy suggestions.

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