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Students who wish to go overseas for international education purposes are required to have a valid Visa to land and pursue foreign education qualifications. The Student Visa is another class of visa category , this is a Non-Immigrant Visa or for a Temporary Stay or Immigrant Visa for Permanent Stay. The largest misconception about the visa class that prevents students from participating in study abroad is its perceived inaccessibility. The nature of a particular Visa category is determined by the course you plan to opt for study and the type of institute you plan to attend. Students who goes out for study abroad are often amazed at how easy it was to put the whole thing together. They might enjoy the benefits of the financial aid offered to foreign students. Student Visas are Temporary Visas that allow students to study at an educational institution for a specified duration of academic . The  processing time for student Visa varies from one country to another as per the rules and regulations of the particular country.


With the fast changing world , there is a very high competition in the education sector world over , there are thousands of program options available world over , a fast growing number of foreign students are heading to various colleges and universities world over . They come with the rich experience , exposure with excellent reports about how wonderful, exciting and great study experiences they have had in other foreign land . Now world became a global village and going abroad for study could be that defining moment during your academics years that may make all the difference in the rest of your professional life. The international study opportunities will change your entire career perspective globally, making your attitude for future ready ,international nature and might advance your language proficiency with the time. It will make your professional life more attractive and might give you the confidence that you need to face the rest of life, it will give you the edge to make a settle and good life ahead.

Here , to apply for a student Visa one is required to provide the following documents:-

  1. A relevant qualification to apply for international study
  2. Selection of right course, college or university
  3. A confirmed offer or admission letter from a registered college or university
  4. Proof of funds to pay the tuition college or university fees
  5. Proof of funds to support your study , living expenses at foreign land
  6. Criminal record check with Biomatric (where required) test and proof of intent to return
  7. Valid visa

Student Visas are given to the right applicants who have a genuine intention and purpose to study abroad. Normally candidates are assessed , selected based on documents prepared and submitted ,Visa interviews are rare. Visa is granted for the course duration or as per the validity of stay . The processing time varies from a few days to a few months in some cases , it all depends on the course intakes by the relevant colleges or universities  . It is best to apply at least two months prior to the course intakes . Going abroad for studies is not an easy decision and one most do through research , consult genuine guide before taking this important step, Many dreams to go abroad for studies but only few make it successfully , so be wise and take a wise decision for life.