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Hey, all those entrepreneurs and budding business people who are looking to move to foreign countries Canada, Australia and other western countries, we are here to help you in getting your business visas on easy terms. All the people who have got those solid and high money making ideas by doing some unique business out of the country, let us tell you that your foreign going dream is not that difficult. You just need the right consultation and directions and for that very purpose, our Global Links consultancy is here to give you the right direction and help you to understand the complex immigration process and making entire relocation transaction hassle free .

USA/ Canada Business visa consultants are here!

We are a Panchkula based business visa consultancy  team and through our experience and updated knowledge of current policies and practices  about the visas, we are here to guide you in the most proficient manner so that you can go to the foreign land, can set up your business and get going with your big ideas and dreams. We are not just some other advisers but we are here to take the whole responsibility of all your visa requirements , preparing and applying for visa and completing all the legal formalities and handling over the documents on time.

Growing Opportunities

USA and Canada are one of those countries which welcomes dedicated people with big business ideas or the new entrepreneurs who are trying to set up their business in any form. A whole lot of growing opportunities are there and people who are willing to work will always be supported by these countries. But yes, to go and setting a business in a foreing land, you need to be aware of all the formalities you have to fulfill to go to that respective country and for that very purpose we can help you to get your Canada/USA business visa of any kind.

Professional Consultants and Professional Help

Look, we are not here to make any kind of promises. We abide by the rules and follow an honest and legal procedure and all other processes that is required to get a lawful visa. We are here to help people to get their student visas, travel visas and business visas as they require. our expert team is here to satisfy our clients in the best way and help them out in the kind of manner that will make them ease their pressure of getting their visas to go to foreign countries. Our service is for the happiness and satisfaction of clients. We are here to commit 100 percent results for fulfilling the purpose of getting the visas ready for our clients if they have all the legal documents and found suitable as per the formalities and requirements.

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