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Business Visa

Every year, thousands of international business visitors travel abroad to do business , or to attend meetings or conferences with a lot of companies. 

Business Visa

A business visitor is someone who go abroad to engage in international business activities without directly entering or impacting the labour market. 

Business visitors usually stay in Country for a few days or a few weeks but are able to stay for a maximum of  6 months. A business visitor is a separate visa category with different requirements. Business visitors do not require a work permit but a visa to travel in other countries. 

We assist and manage your visa applications, avoiding the queues and hassle free process.

 If you are in Indian , a resident travelling for business or pleasure we can secure your visa and return all of your documentation by whatever means necessary – from overnight courier to hand delivered overseas. 

We are global leaders in business immigration , focused on delivering value driven specialist immigration solutions. With N numbers of business customers.